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Pharmafields is a full service Hemp Company that can assist you with all your hemp needs.  We believe in sustainable and organic growing practices by nurturing the soil not just the plant.  We consult on greenhouse construction, field management, growing hemp and selling hemp. 

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Getting you started

We can supply you with quality plants to get your hemp farm started Big or Small  


We can help you from start to finish with farm equipment, field management, plant care and harvest.

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Our products are sold to retailers and processors around the country. We can get you into the pipeline!

our expertise

Field Management

Our family has been farming for generations. We can help with planning and preparing your field to optimize your yield.


We have been growing cannabis for over 10 years, studying the soil, nutrients and growing conditions to produce top quality product.

If you just have questions about if growing hemp we can give you an overview with what you can expect in cost and work so you can decide if it is right for you.

Our products are sold through retailers across the country

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